Construction of CONSTRUCTION

An in-depth essay by Richard Barrett on the inspiration behind the work and all 20 sections of this monumental ensemble composition.

Twenty Years of ELISION

ELISION's Artistic Director Daryl Buckley reflects on twenty years at the cutting edge of sound.

DARK MATTER: The Grand Push and Pull of Dark Matter

Keith Gallasch witnessed the world premiere of DARK MATTER, a collaboration between composer Richard Barrett and artist Per Inge Bjørlo, here is his account.

Yuè Lìng Jié:

Rhana Devenport examines the cultural and performance context of Liza Lim and Beth Yahp‘s Chinese ritual street-opera Yuè Lìng Jié.

Hungry Ghosts

What challenges to systems of knowledge and practices can be posed, how are spaces defined or elaborated in performance, and how does an audience engage in these practices as a co-creator of significance and meaning?

—Daryl Buckley

Inferno – Dante's Musical Offering

On the way to this musical Inferno, once, I found myself in a dimly lit station  . . .  someone with a sense of occasion had painted above the station gate: Abandon all hope, you who enter here.

—Murray Kane

Opening of the Mouth: An Antenna in the History of ELISION

Opening of the Mouth draws into itself an intellectual and creative ferment whose scope emerges from the history and spirit of ELISION, and spills across disciplines to an unorthodox utilisation of the ensemble.

—Daryl Buckley

ELISION: Philosophy Defining a Performance Practice

This essay by ELISION's Artistic Director Daryl Buckley outlines ELISION's approach to performance practice.


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