The Association

The ELISION Ensemble is operated by an Association, ELISION Incorporated, which provides an appropriate democratic and legal vehicle to support the ensemble, hold its assets and copyrights, and so on. The Association's membership comprises most of the ensemble's players, its management, and other stakeholders. The Association's constituted purpose is:

    “to encourage the development of Australian contemporary music nationally and internationally through the management and promotion of a contemporary music ensemble of the highest quality and international standing.”


Each year the Association elects a seven-member Board from the members of the association. The Board meets quarterly to review the business of the ensemble. The Board members and their positions, as of May 2013, are:

    Acting Chair: John Davis

    Artistic Director: Daryl Buckley

    Secretary: Robin Kirkham

    Treasurer: Brian Tucker

    Member: Peter Neville

    Member: Genevieve Lacey



    Artistic Director and Company Manager: Daryl Buckley

    Administrative Supports and internet Melbourne: Robin Kirkham

    Accounts: Terry Sheather

    Webmaster: Richard Haynes

Legal and Taxation Status:

The Association is incorporated in the State of Victoria under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Victoria) (registration number A11470P). We are further registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission as an Australian Registrable Body under Subsection 360(1) of the Corporations Law (Commonwealth) (registration number ARBN 074 981 543).

Our Australian Business Number is ABN 77 474 864 453.

ELISION Incorporated is a not-for-profit body corporate, and holds an exemption from income tax in Australia.

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