2021 and the age of digitisation

During this current period of Covid-19 lockdowns and constraint upon travel, the ensemble has been quietly but especially productive and pursued the opportunity to film within the stunning acoustic and facility offered by the Salon of the Melbourne Recital Centre.

The first of these films comprises eighteen minutes of master percussionist Peter Neville performing the music of Richard Barrett, with excerpts drawn from the Negatives cycle, the complete abglanzbeladen…auseinandergeschrieben from Opening of the Mouth, and the opening minutes of Entoptic.

Together, these films celebrate the rare depth and authority of a special performance practice brought to life between the musicians of ELISION and our composer friends across a thirty-year history.  Composers to be featured in this series include Evan Johnson, Liza Lim, Aaron Cassidy and Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh.

ELISION will also release archival footage, documenting our activity as far back as the early 90’s! The archival footage strongly features the presence of ELISION’s Deborah Kayser, Timothy O’Dwyer and Carl Rosman, amongst other core musicians, from the early days of the ensemble as we explored installation projects in rural Lismore, opera on barges on the Torrens and the Hebbel Theatre in Berlin, improvisation projects at the Judith Wright Centre and sheer virtuosic performance at the Iwaki Auditorium.

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