2021 and the age of digitisation

During this current period of Covid-19 lockdowns and constraint upon travel, the ensemble has been quietly but especially productive and pursued the opportunity to film within the stunning acoustic and facility offered by the Salon of the Melbourne Recital Centre.

The first of these films comprises eighteen minutes of master percussionist Peter Neville performing the music of Richard Barrett, with excerpts drawn from the Negatives cycle, the complete abglanzbeladen…auseinandergeschrieben from Opening of the Mouth, and the opening minutes of Entoptic.

Together, these films celebrate the rare depth and authority of a special performance practice brought to life between the musicians of ELISION and our composer friends across a thirty-year history.  Composers to be featured in this series include Evan Johnson, Liza Lim, Aaron Cassidy and Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh.

ELISION will also release archival footage, documenting our activity as far back as the early 90’s! The archival footage strongly features the presence of ELISION’s Deborah Kayser, Timothy O’Dwyer and Carl Rosman, amongst other core musicians, from the early days of the ensemble as we explored installation projects in rural Lismore, opera on barges on the Torrens and the Hebbel Theatre in Berlin, improvisation projects at the Judith Wright Centre and sheer virtuosic performance at the Iwaki Auditorium.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks to our social media!

100 for 100

The next ELISION concert occurs on Sunday November 11th 3:00PM at the Melbourne Meat Market.

It is part of a celebration of 100 years of Polish Freedom with performances around the world given by Klangforum Wien, ICE and Ensemble Intercontemporain, amongst others. And we are conducted by the ever brilliant and insightful Elliot Gyger.


This ELISION concert includes music by Dominik KarskiDobromila JaskotJagoda Szmytka, Marcin Stańczyk & Andrzej Kwiecinski.
Be there for some fabulous music making!


The concert “100 for 100. Musical Decades for Freedom”, co-organised by PWM Edition to celebrate the centenary of Poland regaining independence, is held under the National Patronage of Andrzej Duda, the President of the Republic of Poland to mark the Centenary of Regaining Independence and financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland as part of the Multi-Annual Programme “Niepodległa” 2017-2021.


100 by 100 Logo

ELISION May concerts

ELISION poster at RPAC, Queensland
ELISION poster at RPAC, Queensland

Ah!  Queensland. A fun gig courtesy of Zane Trow that brought back memories.  And a chance to cane some Barrett and Cassidy.  And a new work from Jim Gardner before heading off to Germany to play with the wonderful musicians of MusikFabrik.

ELISION in Queensland

Coming up at RPAC.  Really looking forward to being back in Queensland and performing there.  ELISION was based in Brisbane from 1996 until mid-2008 so a substantial part of the life of the ensemble was based there.

RPAC 2018 ELISION poster
RPAC 2018 ELISION poster

ELISION at the venerable Melba Hall

It was a relaxed and characteristically sunny and autumnal Melbourne afternoon. Great for listening to works by Dominik Karski, Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh,  Séverine Ballon, Evan Johnson and Liza Lim.  And of course, the second instalment of the major KILN project, a sonic adventure between composer Timothy McCormack, ELISION and Austin percussion trio Line Upon Line.  More on that later in a separate post.

ELISION flautist Paula Rae
ELISION flautist Paula Rae performing in ‘The thin air between skins’, composer Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh