ELISION Ensemble

ELISION has established an international reputation for its engagement with complex and virtuosically challenging aesthetics. ELISION’s 17-strong membership includes some of the world’s leading musicians who have defined contemporary instrumental technique with their recordings and publications. For over 30 years, the ensemble has focussed its practice on exploring musical possibility providing inspiring models of collaborative practice with some of the major compositional figures and thinkers of our time.

Performances 2024

Music of Turgut Erçetin
An ELISION collaboration with the SWR Orchestra
February 2, Stuttgart

ELISION: Choreografische Virtuositäten 1 – Solos/Duo
Music of Cassidy, Einarsson, Johnson, Lim, Shariatzadeh
April 28, Hannover

ELISION: Choreografische Virtuositäten 2– Ensemble
Music of Bañados, Bellamy, Cassidy, Erçetin, Ilaghi Hosseini, Sakellaridis
April 30, Hannover

Music of Lim, Barrett, Bellamy, Cassidy
July 5, Melbourne

Alfred Hook Lecture & Sculthorpe Chair Concert
Music of Lim
August 8, Sydney

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ELISION is Australia’s premier new music ensemble, an international ’supergroup’ whose 17-strong membership includes some of the world’s leading musicians.  We live in Paris, Berlin, Bern, Stuttgart, Cologne, Los Angeles, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

The ensemble has focussed its practice upon exploring and expanding musical possibilities; establishing an international reputation through engagement with complex and virtuosically challenging aesthetics, a unique instrumentarium, and work in cross-disciplinary artforms, providing inspiring models of collaboration and innovation. ELISION is especially acknowledged for its rare level of expertise and authoritative interpretations of the music of Liza Lim, Richard Barrett, Mary Bellamy, Aaron Cassidy, Evan Johnson, Turgut Erçetin and others.

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ELISION’s work has focused increasingly on pushing physical boundaries in search of certain kinds of visceral expressive experiences, the musical body in extremis being a benchmark of the ensemble’s repertoire. In a digitised world where physical presence is frequently replaced by avatars generating enormously complex effects, ELISION continues to be fascinated by an artisanal and intimately gestural approach to the production of music, co-creative processes of dialogue with composers, in which musicians imagine, develop and build new technical and expressive means.

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As a not-for-profit organisation, ELISION Ensemble greatly values the generosity and support of individuals and partners.  For tax deductibility and fund raising matters ELISION works through the Australian Cultural Fund, an initiative of Creative Partnerships Australia.

Should you wish to donate to ELISION and celebrate the brilliance of Australian performance and composition please contact the Artistic Director through the link provided at the bottom of this page.

In 2023, ELISION project partners include CeReNeM (University of Huddersfield) and the Ernst von Siemens Foundation through their Grants-in-Aid program. ELISION is also assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body, and by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

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