Performances 2020

September 30, Berlin, Germany

The first ELISION concert of 2020 will take place at km28 in Berlin on Wednesday September 30th at 8pm. ELISION musicians Alex Waite, Carl Rosman and Sarah Saviet, all currently resident in Europe, will perform a programme of works by Liza Lim, Matthew Sergeant, Harrison Birtwistle and Richard Barrett.

Meanwhile our 4Bar sessions at the Brunswick Green in Melbourne are still suspended; sorry news, but the safety and health of all is paramount.

In these troubling times of crisis we wish all well, especially our community of musicians, composers, audiences and ELISION friends in so so many countries. Take care of yourself and take care of all loved ones.

ELISION has a remarkable history of resilience and adaptation to change and crisis and we will weather and work our way through the problems facing us and every-one. Stay tuned for further posting on our performances and other projects that creatively respond to this global emergency.



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