October 25, 2018

ELISION 1 @Festival Vértice

Thursday October 25, 7:00pm
Sala Rosario Castellanos, Casa del Lago, Juan José Arreola
Mexico City, Mexico

Liza Lim Roda – The living circle (2017) 11’
for solo trumpets

Julio Estrada miqi’nahual 12’
for solo amplified contrabass

Aaron Cassidy
The wreck of former boundaries (2014-15) 5’
for amplified contrabass
The wreck of former boundaries (2015-16) 6’
for electric lap-steel guitar and electronics

Pedro Alvarez Canto (2017-18) 10’
for amplified solo trumpet

Liza Lim The Green Lion Eats the Sun (2014) 7’
for double-bell euphonium

improvisation (2018) 15’
for electric lap-steel guitar, trombone, trumpet, percussion, contrabass and electronics