Vale Robin Kirkham

Robin is a core and fundamental member of the ELISION family. He passed away peacefully on Friday, January 13th, 2023.

ELISON celebrates his life and being. He was an essential part of the grounding of the ensemble and our practice. He guided and advised upon the intricate minutiae surrounding governance and all practicalities of ensemble existence. But much more than that, Robin was an extremely close friend and cherished companion, often joining with the musicians of the ensemble on our various tours to Germany, Belgium, Italy and the United Kingdom. At rehearsals and on the road he was always present, quietly available to be of service. Whether it was through dealing with the engineering mysteries of percussion instruments, wiring up a pedalboard, helping lug suitcases, instruments and equipment, or creating databases and contracts, Robin’s questing and wide-ranging intellect permeates throughout the entirety of our life and activity as an ensemble.

The image of Robin’s presence with a wry smile, witnessing a Melbourne concert alongside composer Aaron Cassidy, encapsulates much of our joined companionship.

In the months and years ahead we will be honouring our time together and the resonance of his being through music.

It was a privilege and a honour to have him in our lives

Robin Kirkham
Robin Kirkham and Aaron Cassidy enjoy an ELISION Melbourne concert in 2007