ELISION at the venerable Melba Hall

It was a relaxed and characteristically sunny and autumnal Melbourne afternoon. Great for listening to works by Dominik Karski, Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh,  Séverine Ballon, Evan Johnson and Liza Lim.  And of course, the second instalment of the major KILN project, a sonic adventure between composer Timothy McCormack, ELISION and Austin percussion trio Line Upon Line.  More on that later in a separate post.


Kathryn Schulmeister and Peter Neville performing Karski
Kathryn Schulmeister and Peter Neville performing ‘Motion and form’, composer Dominik Karski, at Melba Hall
ELISION percussionist Peter Neville and harpist Marshall McGuire
Steel drum and harp action during the general rehearsal of Dominik Karski’s attractive and unique trio
Séverine Ballon, violoncello
Séverine Ballon, violoncello, delivers fragile, delicate and highly compelling multiphonics during the performance of her own composition
ELISION flautist Paula Rae
ELISION flautist Paula Rae performing in ‘The thin air between skins’, composer Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh